Workplace Wellness Program

I am excited to be partnering with Terri Cramb, a like-minded wellness champion and talented yoga & fitness instructor and certified health coach, to offer an exciting new Wellness program called FRESH: A New Approach To Wellness.

Why are we doing this?

People spend a good portion of their lives at work, and when employers encourage their employees to be healthier, everyone benefits. By encouraging and supporting employee health and wellness, employers improve well-being and job satisfaction, and raise retention rates. Your support of employee health – no matter how big or how small – can go a long way in creating a healthier, happier and more productive group.

Workplace wellness programs have been around for years but are increasing in popularity as companies struggle to better manage absenteeism and disability claims. Promoting initiatives that encourage work/life balance is an effective way to support your staff.

What we are offering:

Starting in 2019, we are going to be offering the following Workplace Wellness Program to businesses and organizations in Powell River.

PART 1: Introductory Wellness Evening (2 hours)

An overview of the benefits of including more whole plant foods in your diet on a daily basis, with snacks provided and ideas/demos for easy ways to get more plants in, followed by the importance of regular movement/yoga with some example exercises that can be implemented into each day, even in the workplace

PART 2: Follow-up Lunch & Learns (1 hour each) — you choose the number and frequency of sessions

Each session consists of a nutrition talk with a delicious, healthy lunch included, as well as discussion about the importance of gentle movement and mindfulness on each topic, as well as some practical guided movement. Example topics:

  • Healthy Busy People: Practical tips for staying healthy when you’re busy
  • Happy Gut: Eating and moving for good digestion
  • Building Awareness: Eating and moving with mindfulness
  • Flu B Gone! Eating and moving to boost the immune system
  • Rest Well: Eating and moving to improve sleep
  • Don’t Sweat It! Eating and moving to reduce stress

This past fall (2018) we conducted a pilot of this program with First Group of Companies. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“I highly recommend Emma and Terri for any group interested in improving their health and wellness. The ‘Wellness at Work’ workshop provided an engaging forum for our team to learn strategies for incorporating healthier eating and regular movement into our workday. Emma and Terri’s passion for wellness is infectious! Their ability to combine their expertise into a fun, easily digestible workshop makes them an awesome addition to any organization’s wellness program.”

Sandra McDowell, VP of Communications and Culture

The Research Shows…

Recent research from Health & Safety Ontario shows the effectiveness of Employee Wellness Programs. For every dollar spent on a Corporate Wellness Program, the returns have included:

  • decreased absenteeism
  • fewer sick days
  • reduced WSIB/WCB claims
  • lowered health and insurance costs
  • improvements to employee performance and productivity
  • Improvements in morale and loyalty

If you’re interested in more information, please get in touch.